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The decoration of Military Order, usually called "George Cross" was established in 1807 by Russian Emperor Alexander I. The purpose of this order was decoration of low ranks of army & navy for the deeds & courage in wartime. One could deserve "Egoriy" only with true courage & fearlessness in fight. The decorated wore it on his chest in front of all medals with the ribbon of regular orange & black stripes of St.George colour. The order was a cross with the equilateral lobes broadening at the end & central round medallion. The obverse medallion showed St.George striking a dragon with a spear, the reverse medallion had monograms of S & G. Cross lobes were clear on obverse, the reverse had a number which was cavalier's number at Capitul lists of Military Order Decorations. After cavalier's death, the cross was returned to the Capitul for re-melting or another decoration. Among low ranks it was the most honorary & respectful decoration which was not taken off even at promotion into officer rank & officer wore it with honour together wit other officer decorations. Military Order was the most democratic decoration for low ranks since it could be given irrespectively the title, class, & in some cases the people to be decorated were elected by company or battalion vote. Decorated with military order low ranks got life pension & were free of corporal punishment as well as they used a number of privileges fixed by the statute. During its more than a century history, the statute of Military Order Decoration underwent some changes especially in 1856 & 1913.

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